Modern Western Square Dancing, enjoyed by people all around the world, has truly built a firm foundation in Japan.  With dancers, clubs, and callers throughout the country, thousands of Japanese citizens have made MWSD, their very own.  To honor our dance friends in Japan, this episode features some great Japanese square dance callers.

Here are the callers and singing calls in this episode:

Sam Tajima calling "Hey Good Lookin'" on Rawhide Music 1242

Toshifumi Ueno calling "Take It To The Limit" on Hi Hat Music 5331

Kotaro Okawa calling "Cold Cold Heart" on Rawhide Music 1231

Hisae Moriguchi calling "Be Glad" on Rawhide Music 1127

Takako Suzuki calling "I Just Want To Dance With You" on Rawhide Music 1155

Hiroyuki Kaneko, Jr. calling "Your Song" on Hi Hat Music 5346

Hiroshi and Keiko Yaoko calling "Blue Spanish Eyes" on Rawhide Music 1164

Hideyuki Takahashi and Naomi Tomosada calling "Ring Around Your Neck" on Rawhide Music 1091

Makiko Wakamatsu calling "It's My Party" on Rawhide Music 1228

Akitoshi Nakajima calling "Memories To Burn" on Rawhide Music 1132

Tac Ozaki calling "Crazy For Loving You" on Hi Hat Music 5285

Masaru Wada calling "Cupid" on Hi Hat Music 5276

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