Country music, the sound that gave birth to Modern Western Square Dancing, has evolved over the years.  Gone are the days of a three-piece band, replaced with a full orchestra recorded with modern studio techniques.

This episode is dedicated to the contemporary sound of country music as used in today's MWSD.

Here are the callers and singing calls in this episode:

Buddy Weaver calling "Amie" on Blue Star Music 2593

Jerry Junck calling "We Believe In Happy Endings" on Hi Hat Music 5359

Nicholas Brendzy calling "From A Jack To A King" on Rawhide Music 1238

Masaru Wade calling "Gone At Last" on Hi Hat Music 5338

Lanny Weaklend calling "House Of The Rising Sun" on Hi Hat Music 5334

Jerry Gilbreath calling "Stuck In The Middle With You" on Hi Hat Music 5347

Darren Gallina calling "Blue With Envy" on Hi Hat Music 5362

Tim Merino calling "Heartbreak Mountain" on Rawhide Music 1222

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