This podcast advocates for the newest Modern Western Square Dance program - SSD or Social Square Dancing.  A great way to join in square dancing where classes take about 14 weeks and the entire program is about 50 calls.

Today's episode features Staff Recording Artists calling singing calls using the SSD program.  This is excellent for home use, when you don't have a caller, or for callers to use as a learning resource.

Here are the callers and singing calls in this episode:

Andy Allemao calling "Let The Good Times Roll" on Blue Star Music 2563

Jim Steele calling "Two More Bottles Of Wine" on Hi Hat Music 5355

Lisa Lincoln calling "Open Arms" on Female Edition Blue Star 206

Dave Guille calling "Rocky Top" on Rawhide Music 1154

Eric Henerlau calling "I'm Beginning To See The Light" on Blue Star Music 2621

Lone Blume calling "When The Sun Goes Down" on Hi Hat Music 5289

Nicholas Brendzy calling "Earthquake" on Rawhide Music 1243

Mike Hogan calling "Blue Moon" on Blue Star Music 2615

Please take a moment to make a gift to offset our production costs.  Every contribution helps and is appreciated.



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