The newly-minted MWSD program - SSD or Social Square Dancing is again featured.  Here are four patter calls and four singing calls using new music from Buddy Weaver Music as accompaniment.  This is great for dancing when you don't have a caller or as a resource for callers.

the feature of this episode.  With about fifty square dance calls in the program, it is great for dancers to move in time with the rhythm of the music from one-call-to-the-next.

Here are the releases used:

"Showdown" on Blue Star Music 547
"Beautiful Sunday" on Blue Star Music 2553
"Los Danza" on Blue Star Music 557
"Forever Young" on Blue Star Music 2629
"Hi Hat Hornpipe" on Hi Hat Music 1001
"You Ain't Never Had A Friend Like Me" on Blue Star Music 2631
"Lets Marvin Gaye" on Blue Star Music 2589
"I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" on Blue Star Music 2635

Learn more about SSD here

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