The final part of this five episode series bringing the curtain down on the largest square dance ever. 

Seventy years ago square dancing was very different from how it is today and this episode will explore what America's Folk Dance looked like in 1950.  In this episode you will hear the following callers and dances:

Phil Beggs - "Forward Three"

Jim Munyon - "The Old Pine Tree"

Jack Hoheisal - "Forward Six And Fall Back Eight"

Jim Williamson - "Around And Through"

Fenton "Jonesy" Jones - "There'll Be A Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight"

Ed Gilmore - "Bird In The Cage"

Paul Pierce - "Coming Round The Mountain"

Thanks to Don Ward from California for his help on this episode.  Don and his wife, Shirley danced at the Santa Monica Diamond Jubilee on July 13, 1950

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