"When dancing first started, a large white cloud rose up over Santa Monica."  

The episode talks about where that cloud came from and so much more as we present part three in the series covering the Santa Monica Diamond Jubilee.

You will also hear one of the only known recordings of Dr. Lloyd "Pappy" Shaw calling a dance live.  "Pappy" is credited with the resurgence of square dancing.  He was an educator, author, and entrepreneur who made the evolution of Modern Western Square Dancing possible.

In this episode you will hear the following callers and dances:

Lloyd Shaw - "Split The Ring"

Marjorie Stout - "Sisters Form A Ring"

Bob Osgood - "Rip 'n Snort"

Del Holley - "Spinning Wheel"

Van Vanderwalker - "Sashay Partners All"

Carl Myles - "Star By The Right"

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