Hello friends,

This podcast is for the purpose of square dance education.

These are audio files that have been digitally re-mastered from live dances, as well as, albums previously released on the various music labels owned by Buddy Weaver.  Copyright remains with Buddy Weaver Music.  Listeners are welcome to listen (stream) or download any of the podcasts.  Use the podcasts for dancing in your home or for research - it is provided to you at no charge.

Historically, square dance albums - 33 1/3 vinyl and the 78-rpm shellac before that - were created for dancers that didn't have a caller in their home area.  These square dance albums were popular with the general public, which gave rise to even more albums being produced.  Much of the growth of square dancing can be attributed to the production of square dancing on albums.  The albums were also a great resource for callers to learn new material by listening to the pros.

All commentary, which has been provided to add context, is based on first-hand conversations with the callers/participants or through extensive research.  

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