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This podcast is for the purpose of square dance education.

These are audio files that have been digitally re-mastered from albums and videos previously released on the various music labels owned by Buddy Weaver.  Listeners are welcome to listen (stream) or download any of the podcasts.  Use the podcasts for dancing in your home or for research - it is provided to you at no charge.

Historically, square dance albums - 33 1/3 vinyl and the 78-rpm shellac before that - were created for dancers that didn't have a caller in their home area.  Albums sales were incredible which gave rise to even more albums being produced.  Much of the growth of square dancing can be attributed to the production of square dancing on albums.  The albums were also a great resource for callers to learn new material by listening to the pros.

The callers featured on these recordings reads like a "who's who" of square dancing from the sixties through the eighties.  You will find Marshall Flippo, Mike Sikorsky, Ernie Kinney, Johnnie Wykoff, Bob Fisk, Jerry Helt, Dave Taylor, Mike Seastrom, Ron Schneider, Buddy Weaver and many more.

Some cuts contain calls which are no longer used in Mainstream or Plus dancing.  Don't be dissuaded - these are easy calls to master.  Here are a few that you may hear along with a brief description of how to dance them:

CROSS TRAIL THRU (aka CROSS TRAIL): from facing couples - Pass Thru then Half Sashay.  If the call is Cross Trail to the corner, then finish the Half Sashay by turning away from your partner to look for your corner.  Once a staple of the easy square dance basics, this call now languishes in the Advanced program.

CURLIQUE: a similar action to Box The Gnat in that all use right hands with the dancer you are facing with the man raising his arm and the lady turning under his arm.  Take right hands as if you were stepping into a mini-wave, man walks forward the same as he would for Touch A Quarter, while the lady turning under the man's right arm as if to Box the Gnat And Roll (Box the Gnat with the girl taking a quarter turn more).  Ends in a mini-wave.  This call was very popular until Touch a Quarter came to replace it.

ARCH IN THE MIDDLE AND THE ENDS TURN IN: from a line facing out, simply do an Ends Fold in front of the centers and all Dive Thru.  This call was popular until replaced with calls like Fold.

ON TO THE NEXT: same as Bend the Line 

In closing, please note that all of the podcasts are copyright protected.  None of the content in these podcasts may be duplicated or edited for use in another project or format - for sale or not.  Podcasts are offered to everyone at no charge, donations to cover the production expenses are appreciated.  All contributions go toward keeping the content coming.

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