MWSD is represented by a variety of dance programs that are designed to offer something for every dancer from the occasional enthusiast to the high-frequency veteran.  Our episode today features Plus level or intermediate level, dancing as captured from live dances called by Buddy Weaver in 2008.  Excellent for practice dancing.

All of the musical accompaniment is part of the Buddy Weaver Music catalog and is available through the BWM website.  Here are the releases used:

"Sitting On Top Of The World" on Blue Star Music 2523
"Mountains Of Harmonica" on Rawhide Music 1502
"Ghost Riders In The Sky" on Rawhide Music 1001
"DX Land" on Blue Star Music 568
"Tonight Carmen" on Rawhide Music 1014
"Rebel Rouser" on Blue Star Music 534
"I Found A New Baby" on Blue Star Music 2458
"Skillet Lickin'" on Rawhide Music 1528

Learn more about Buddy Weaver here

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