Modern Western Square Dancing as enjoyed by a world-wide audience in the 21st century.

This is a continuation of episode 321.  The second of two parts featuring the Blue Star Music dance held in Los Angeles, October 2019.

The following callers and songs are featured:

Ken Bower - "Blue Stone Rag" (hoedown) on Blue Star 526

Ken Bower - "Marry You" on Blue Star 2581

Andy Allemao - "Michi Hoedown" (hoedown) on Blue Star 569

Andy Allemao - "Summertime" on Blue Star 2463

Buddy Weaver - "All I Want To Do Hoedown" on Blue Star 583

Buddy Weaver - "Let Me Sing" (future release)

All Staff - "Let The Good Times Roll" on Blue Star 2563

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