On July 13, 1950 the largest square dance ever was held in Santa Monica, California to mark the one-hundred-fiftieth anniversary of the city.  An estimated 15,000 dancers pranced away under a clear sky on the Pacific Ocean with 35,000 spectators also in attendance.  

The event was recorded.  That reel-to-reel tape has been digitally remastered and is presented as a series of podcasts here.  Each week's episode will offer the dance along with background information on the event and participants.

Buddy Weaver Music presents this remarkable recording and retains copyright.

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Index: Callers and dances included on this podcast
Ray Shaw - "Dive For The Oyster"
Maury Thompson - "Four Gents Star"
Ken Keeny - "Life On The Ocean Wave"
Slim Brough - "Arkansas Traveller"
Earl Peechin - "My Pretty Girl"
Terry Golden - "Divide The Ring"
Wayne Donhoff - "Chase The Rabbit, Chase The Squirrel"
Walt Bauman - "You Swing Yours"
Jim York - "Forward Four"

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