Listeners to this podcast will notice a change starting with this episode.  Every Sunday, a new episode will include audio that celebrates Modern Western Square Dancing along with narration by Buddy Weaver.  

This episode is the first in a series on the largest square dance ever.  Santa Monica, California celebrated it's seventy-fifth anniversary with a big outdoor square dance.  An estimated 15,000 folks danced under a clear sky on the Pacific Ocean with 35,000 spectators to cheer them on.

The event was recorded.  That reel-to-reel tape has been digitally remastered and is presented here.  

This episode offers the following callers and dances:

Ray Shaw - "Dive For The Oyster"

Maury Thompson - "Four Gents Star"

Ken Keeny - "Life On The Ocean Wave"

Slim Brough - "Arkansas Traveller"

Earl Peechin - "My Pretty Girl"

Terry Golden - "Divide The Ring"

Wayne Donhoff - Chase The Rabbit, Chase The Squirrel"

Walt Bauman - "You Swing Yours"

Jim York - "Forward Four"

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