Here is what Modern Western Square Dancing sounds like today.

Singing calls are a big part of the dance activity in the 21st century.  These tune derivatives are produced for square dance education.  Reflecting the dance calls, the style of calling, the speed of dancing, and the changing musical tastes of the dancers, they represent the best of today's Modern Western Square Dancing.

The calls used in these singing calls are from the SSD or Social Square Dance program.  The callers are staff recording artists for the Blue Star Music label.  

"Someday (We Could Be In Love)" by Buddy Weaver on Blue Star 2619

"Forever Young" by Mike Hogan on Blue Star 2629

"Round Round" by Eric Henerlau on Blue Star 2630

"Hallelujah" by Ken Bower on Blue Star 2595

"Nice To Be With You" by Andy Allemao on Blue Star 2627

"Open Arms" by Buddy Weaver on Blue Star 2633

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